Essay On China's One Child Policy

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China’s one-child policy was implicated in China in the late 1970’s, during a time where China’s population was equivalent to about the quarter of the world’s population (CD, 2017). The Chinese government thought it was essential to put in place a policy that would aid the economic well being of the country and to improve the living standards, by controlling the rapid population growth. This policy meant that it was illegal for couples to have more than one child, disobeying this law would cause controversy and substantial punishment for the offenders. This policy caused major consequences that the Chinese government didn’t account for including, major gender imbalances, the little emperor syndrome and an aging population that can not be …show more content…

Implementation of this policy has, “caused an outbreak of unruly behavior, abduction of women, prostitution and rapes” (NG,2010). On the other hand, this policy also caused a significant amount of unnecessary pain for women. The most notable contributors of which include; being objectified by society, frailer mental stability due to a fear of inadequacy and being treated poorly as the ‘suboptimal’ gender. Even after the one-child policy was revoked in 2015, the Ideologies of having one child persist and contribute to increasing social problems and the social discrimination in the Chinese Society. Children who were born in the duration of China’s one-child Policy are viewed as, “cynical, are willing to test boundaries and less trusting than children whom were conceived before the policy began in the late 1970’s” (NG, 2010). These children are labelled Little Emperors, which is the belief that this new generation of children being raised as an only child are reared being coddled and lacking socialization. The differences of personality between the pre-policy children and the policy children could have real-world percussions, which would create “a generation that could lack innovation” (NG,2010). The parents of these children are spoiling them by giving them everything that they want, unfortunately this is causing the children more harm than good. The children of this era

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