Essay On Circadian Dysrhythmia

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Circadian dysrhythmia, also known as jet lag, is a disruption in the body’s cycle due to traveling (Prentice, 2015). When traveling one or more time zones, the human body can be affected in many different ways. For example, jet lag can cause people to be more fatigued during the day, have decreased motivation, a loss of appetite, a feeling of disorientation, impaired physical and mental performance, a lack of concentration, and an altered sleep schedule (Kolling, Ferrauti, Pfeifer, Meyer, and Kelllmann, 2016). These can be game changing problems in athletics because teams are constantly traveling back and forth. Athletic trainers can work with athletes to treat and prevent these circadian dysrhythmia signs and symptoms. An athletic trainer should advise his or her athletes to be well rested before departure, to stay hydrated, to have a nutritious diet, and to take sleep medication. Additional guidelines that an athletic trainer should inform the athlete of would be moving around the plane by walking up and down the aisles, keeping the same eating schedule, and continuing the use of sleep medication if necessary (Prentice, 2015). The athletic trainer should also advise the coaches of some guidelines that…show more content…
Being well rested goes a long way in athletics. There are so many benefits to being well rested especially in a situation where the athlete is traveling one or more time zones. Having a good night sleep beforehand will help the athlete acclimate because it will aide in getting used to their new sleep schedule. Arriving at the desired location early enough to acclimate will also help with this. Additionally, it will give the athletes a better sense of the environment and the new time zone they are in. The more time they are in the new time zone, the more they will get used to it and see it as
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