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my money and I need it now! If you are the best player on the team and you are filling up the seats why not get paid? The NCAA and your dream University get paid, they sell your jersey but to them you are just a student. How would you feel if your talents got you a full ride scholarship to your dream University? It's crazy if you think about it every year the NCAA makes a 1million dollar prize to a random individual if they can fill out the March Madness bracket correctly. Should college athletes be compensated beyond their athletic scholarships, and specifically, are the NCAA and its institutions exploiting student-athletes?
The NCAA, views these individuals as students, not as professionals or employees of their member schools.
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While such changes have impacted revenues in the affected programs, the shifting focus on college campuses toward intercollegiate sports has also had problems for academics. Students who once went to school only for an education and participated in these kinds of competitions in their free time now often attend these same universities solely for the purpose of participating in sports. In most situations, they end up putting hundreds of hours to sports-related activities and end up becoming athletes first and students second. The end result is a system that uses students to generate millions of dollars for both the NCAA and its universities.
The current NCAA Division I intercollegiate sports program has changed into a multi-billion-dollar industry where many of the schools' that are annual revenues reach above $260 million(Berri,2016). In addition to fielding teams in the money-making sports of men's basketball, football, and ice hockey, schools also run programs for sports such as baseball, lacrosse, softball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, and wrestling. Because these programs are not self-supported, they rely on revenues from the men's basketball and football programs and often some additional state funding. It is not uncommon for the coaches of Division I teams to earn several hundred thousand to several million dollars every year. The rise in broadcast rights fees for college football and basketball games has been the main source of revenue growth of
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