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When I graduate highschool, I will be attend Georgia Southern University on a full ride with soccer and academic scholarships. I plan to receive my degree in business and marketing, and with that degree and marketing experience, I will become a marketing manager. I am excited to start this new chapter of my life and can’t wait!
To start the next chapter in my life, I need to first apply and get accepted into Georgia Southern University. According to the Georgia Southern Admissions website, you must fill out an application before May 1 2018, and pay a $30 application fee to be eligible to go there in the fall of 2018. College costs a lot of money, so while you’re applying and on the admissions page, you …show more content…

For the HOPE scholarship, you must meet one of the many requirements: have a 3.0 GPA from an eligible high school, get a diploma, have 30-45 hours of college. You also need to be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at a public or private HOPE-eligible college or university in Georgia. You must also meet academic rigor requirements, such as meeting the academic rigorous courses and meet GPA requirements. If you get the HOPE grant or HOPE scholarship and do 12 hours, you will receive $1,884 for tuition at Georgia Southern.
For my college, you can file for HOPE one of two ways. If you want to get only the HOPE scholarship, then you need to fill out a form on the Georgia Futures website. However, if you want the HOPE scholarship among other scholarships, then you must fill out a FSA form. I filled out a FSA form, so I could see what other programs and scholarships I might qualify for in addition to the HOPE scholarship.
FSA, Federal Student Aid, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation. Every student who is wanting to go to college should complete an FSA forum. To complete the form you will need an email address, your parent's income tax returns, FSA ID number, your legal name, and your social security number. To receive aid from FSA you must fill out the form, meet certain requirements, such as financial

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