Essay On Control Of Parents In Romeo And Juliet

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Love is one of the most powerful choices we make in life. Since we were born, our parents, peers, and family have always wanted the best for us, and some choices we make like who we date and think about if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Your parents have a big influence on your life choices. To most people, having their parents decide whether or not they can marry someone, isn't what most people prefer. The idea of having parents help you to decide or just decide whether or not they want you to marry this person. At what extent should a parent have control of their child’s decisions? Parents should decide who their child should marry because they have more experience, they know when their child is ready, …show more content…

“Parents usually have a stronger idea of what to look for in a good partner. Presuming that they are acting in the interest of their children they will give honest reports on the signs of good and bad presentation in individuals so that the family unit may be better off both new and old combining” ( Parents have a better understanding of what their child wants and does not want. They want what's best for them, not a bad life. The parents know when it is too much for their children to get married, whether it because of long distance or how their partner changed them or made them feel. Sometimes people think they know what is best for themselves but maybe they have not asked the people around them if they seem happy or still himself . Can parents sometimes help their child not make bad choices.
The final topic is your parents help you to not make a bad decision. Your parents have known you your whole life in most cases. They know when you can be most happy and they know when you can be your most sad or mad moment. This article says, “They have a right to advise us on certain qualities to look out for in the choice of a life partner because they've been in that institution before us. They may have made certain mistakes which they wouldn't want their children to be miserable. make” ( Your parents don't want you to make a choice that does not make you happy. They work everyday to get a

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