Parental Control In Romeo And Juliet

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“We’ve called it Family Safety. We are calling it Family Safety rather than Parental Control because people don’t like that term. Both parent and definitely child don’t like the idea of controlling, blocking, or spying on them or others” (written by unknown). Most parents think to have control of your child is the way parenting works. Some of these parents find that their child rebels against their “very specific” instructions. Between parent and child, their will always be a aspect of control and rebellion but this is because it could feel like the parent doesn’t trust the kid, the kid disagrees with the judgement call, and it has been proven to happen through surveys. In Romeo and Juliet’s time, when parents tried to use authority to control …show more content…

Capulet, Juliet’s father, flexes his authority over Juliet often. Juliet usually disagrees with her father’s opinion and she often tries to get around what he tells her to do or even gives him attitude. An example is, Capulet wants Juliet to marry a wealthy bachelor named Paris. Juliet on the other hand doesn’t want to marry this man so she tells her father that he isn’t the right one for her. The words that she used were “he shall not make me there a joyful bride” (III.V.117).When Capulet insisted on the marriage Juliet pushed back. She said that he will never be what she wants and he won’t keep her happy. Capulet was not brought to shock by this, but to anger. While Juliet pushed back, Capulet did not give up. He continued to push her and command her to marry this man named Paris using his control over Juliet.After she said that he will never make her a happy wife, he got mad. When he was mad, he threatened her. He said “to go with Paris to Saint Peter’s Church, or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither” (III.V.154). Even though Juliet tried to use her words and rebel to say that she shouldn’t marry Paris, he still is forcing her to do as he instructed. He keeps pushing harder, having more control. He is a parent who is controlling his kid. This could lead to serious consequences, …show more content…

No, It’s Parents” by Somini Sengupta, the article states many ways that parents control and or have surveillance over their kids. It also says how children are rebelling against their parent because the parent is trying to enforce rules and or just be too controlling for the children’s liking.When a parent tries to control the child, the child feels the need to push back and get their ground back. This what happens between parent and child. The Pew Research Center did studying to figure out if there is a connection between parents controlling their kids and if the child rebels. Surveys from the Pew Research Center found “...this monitoring is also likely to lead to arguments between parent and child” (Somini Sengupta para 14). There is study that shows that if the parents are controlling and or having surveillance that arguments will happen because the kid is pushing back and is going to rebel. The Pew Research Center found this out by surveys by real people. Children will also choose to do it their own way if they feel like they don’t know what their parent is doing. They also feel like their parent isn’t respecting the child’s freedom and don’t trust them. Ms. Clark is an author who has written many books about parenting styles has an insight that is helpful and shows the connection between control and rebellion. Ms. Clark the author says “it’s too easy to get involved in surveillance… that undermines out influence as parents. Kids interpret

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