Essay On Counselor Identity

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Counselor Identity – A National Imperative Critique
The Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education considers professional identity as one of the eight common core areas for professional counselor education (CACREP, 2015). Counseling students must understand what it means to personally develop their identity as a professional counselor, as well as what it means to belong to a professional organization. Spurgeon (2012) discusses professional counseling as a professional organization, the historical development of counseling becoming a professional organization, and challenges for future growth and development.
A definite and comprehensive professional identity is essential for counselors to understand their own identity as Licensed Professional Counselors and communicate this identity with other professionals and the public. The ability to understand and communicate this is particularly necessary for people with whom they interact with on a daily basis. A professional identity concerns both a personal and an organizational …show more content…

Before starting graduate school I did not know that counseling was a distinct profession from psychology. I enjoyed learning that counseling was born from the educational field with a wellness focus rather than a medical focus (Granello & Young, 2012, Remley & Herlihy, 2010). In different classes, we learn how counselors are different from other mental health professionals. For example, we discussed how psychiatrists and psychologists focus on the biological and psychological factors that influence mental illness, and social worker seek the environmental factors that address a person’s wellness. Counselors operate in the niche between psychologists and social workers. I was excited to learn the new opportunities and training available as a student in a distinct field to address unique

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