Essay On Crime

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Crime — what is crime? Crime is an act, which is evil and is punishable by law — such as stealing, cheating and murder for personal benefit. From time immemorial, such acts have been done by people but, they were usually done by the poor, depressed just to enable them to make their ends meet. However, today the scenario of crime has also changed like every other. Originally, the traditional occupation of the poor, has now become the occupation of the community of people already flourishing in other businesses. The world of crime has been now taken over by the so- called elite, the white collared gentry of the society. In this modern world of advancement and education, the one time prerogative of the poor is being …show more content…

But today, why the rich dabble in this art of crime, is a wonder. They commit crimes by proxy, on payment to the poor criminals on their rolls and so, they never get exposed. The modern criminal maintains a plush office, with scores of poor people serving him on meager payments, and the promise of secrecy. The real criminal whose game plan the crime is, is never seen by the people who work for him. This sophistication has led to the poor criminal to a double threat. One threat is the obvious one that, if he is caught, he is to meet the gallows. If he does not succeed in the crime, he faces the danger of being killed by his mentor. So, the so-called worker is now exposed to a double risk, as he works for someone else. He has a double threat of being destroyed while. Today, he is at the mercy of the boss, who may destroy him whenever he feels like it. In the olden days of less advancement or backwardness in the field of crime, crime was committed to gain some wealth. Though the objective is still the same — gaining of wealth, crime now covers a much larger spectrum of activities. Not only are robberies committed, crime has taken a new shape and form. The criminals are not only looting people but are indulgit g in duping people of their hard earned wealth, in a variety of ways. For example, those who are in need of an employment are duped by people of the white collared community of criminals by running

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