Essay On Cultural Differences In America

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The third and fourth I interviewed are a couple I know since I came to the states. They are both white and from well-educated families. Both their fathers were college professors and mothers were homemakers. We share many interests, including social justice issues and music. They are both international travelers and have visited many countries. Unlike my coworker who enjoys the cruise and Disney world vacations, they usually choose hiking in the country side and get to know the local people and culture. These trips have offered multicultural education to them and shaped their viewpoints in many ways. They read extensively and have deep understanding of issues of culture, class, and gender. I have enjoyed many conversations with them. The…show more content…
In fact, I shared some of our videos with her. Through extensive reading, she said it was disturbing to know the missing information in the history textbook on how the white took over the United States and restricted the native Indians to the west. She emphasized that the white people should feel shameful about what they have done dominating this continent. She also felt very upset about the racial issues. She felt the society had not treated the black community fairly because of they were given limited resource and opportunities to thrive. It’s frustrating to know that most poor people are black and this has not changed since they were brought into this country. When we talked about gender issues, she told me a story about her mother and her aunt. Both were homemakers, but her mother had enjoyed raising five successful kids while her aunt was never happy to be in that situation. In her mother’s time, women were playing the roles of homemakers by default due to many social reasons including fewer employment opportunities for women. Fortunately her mother happened to love that role and played it well. However, many women may be forced to play that role like her aunt. My friend did choose to stay at home to raise her two children and resume her work in her 40s. She told me that her husband never learned to cook. She recalled that his mother might have reinforced the gender bias concept into him. She
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