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A cut from the cars you two stole yesterday. You are my true love. If I really were your true love, then why didn't you choose me? You've already met your daughter-in-law. Here she is. It's Thobile. - Oh, my goodness! - You know what, boy... Let's leave these horns here... then get rid of the car. Are you crazy? The Mashimanes have left us a gift, and you want to spit in their faces? Are you mad? Listen here... My ancestors know that I've been trying to get clean and buy a house. So you can't tell me to just leave it. Forget it. I didn't even want to be a part of this whole mess. Stop being so small-minded. Just think what your cut will be when we go and sell this. - You know what, boy? Take it all. - You're going to…show more content…
Are we clear? Midget. - You look alright now. - Do I really look alright? - Yes. - No way. Just imagine if I looked like this every day! Imagine! You'd get used to it. No way, friend. This doek is very pretty. Oh, my friend. - Do I look alright? - Very much. Wait a minute. Let's do this. Now you look perfect. I've removed this figure belt. Trust me. I know my parents. My job here is done. I'll see you guys later. In all seriousness... thank you for your support. Please be patient with me. This will be over soon. Thank you. I'd better go before your father arrives. Friend, I look revolting. You look good. Let me just have one more look. - What the heck is this thing? - You have to wear it. You're a married woman. Why don't you answer it? I'm still getting dressed. - It could be important. - I don't know the number. Okay. - Don't you have anywhere to rush off to? - I'm done. I'm on my way out. Have a nice day. Just look at us. We're so fancy, eating these red and green things. Dessert. You know what, baby? We should... do this every day... but add a bit of cream. Okay. Let's hope it's about the murder case. Chase whoever it is away, please. Maphumulo... it's after hours. I know I should've called first, but here I am. Nosi, you're here? Wait a minute. Aren't you dating Mondli anymore? Or... You know what? Let's talk over the phone. Okay. Where were we? - That was a bit harsh. - Oh, please. - Don't worry about him.
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