Essay On Electronic Health Record

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With the implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR), Florida MIS Radiology Department will be introducing a variety of health information. Electronic health information is any type of individually identifiable health information in an electronic form. This health information consists of patient demographics like age, ethnicity, location, and etc. They will also contain conditions the patient has and the vital reading taken on each patient. The electronic health information will reside with the EHR, which will be in the radiology department. Everyone on the staff at the department will have access to the HER and the information within it. Administrative staff will need EHR to register and schedule appointments for the patients, …show more content…

If a patient gets a mail or call regarding someone else, they can let the staff know and we need to make sure the health information is shredded and not lying around for people to see. It is vital that once we upgrade computer storage equipment, the old storage needs to get the disk-wiped clean before disposing of it. Without wiping the disk clean, anyone can easily recreate the data that was on the hard drives. The backup facilities are secured and hard for anyone to break in to steal any data. Have multiple firewalls in place to block off hackers and access code and biometric authentication to access the offsite facilities. Yes, I will be sharing EHR and the health information contained in the EHR with other health care entities through a Health information organization. It is important we share information because lots of our providers will be going to hospitals nearby and we would like to see the treatment they received for better patient care. We need to ensure employees from other organizations sign forms to ensure they won’t disclose any of the information and will be held liable if anything happens. We need to ensure there is a private network of the different organizations to ensure safe passages of data. It is important for patients to view their medical records and see if everything is correct. We want the patients to be empowered and speak up if something is wrong. We need to have access controls in place to

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