Essay On Exemplary Clinton

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Hilary Clinton: one of the most powerful women in the world, but do we really know her? After researching through videos and articles about Hilary’s dubious behavior that has been hidden from supporters and the public, these are the most powerful points to why the nation should be glad Clinton is not the president.

Firstly, Clinton is focused on winning rather than doing the right thing. A young woman claimed she was raped as a 12-year-old in Arkansaw. Clinton, who is a lawyer, took on the case defending the alleged rapist and later laughed about the situation in court which does not seem very professional. In an article written by the Washington post, she expressed her frustration with Clinton for tampering with evidence. Furthermore, whilst knowing the rapist was guilty she discredited the victim’s story and mocked it. What kind of person defends the accused by lying and making fun of the victim? This
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Hilary Clinton’s lies range from pathetic to deadly. Clinton lied about her vote in favour of the Iraq war. Clinton altered her opinion to whatever would gain her, her next victory. In 2002 Clinton stated that she voted in favour of the Iraq war then in December of 2006 she announced that she was completely opposed to it and everyone was left wondering. She also lied about her very own name claiming she was named after sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first men to climb mount Everest small problem though he climbed Everest when Clinton was 6 years old. She also told an interviewer that when she left the white house she and her husband bill were broke another lie which many republicans found laughable and there are many, many more lies she has told that people have completely looked past. Honesty is a trait people look for in a president and I am afraid Hilary is seriously lacking that trait. If she can lie about small things like her name what is to stop her from lying about more serious
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