Essay On Fair Housing

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On Wednesday, October 11th a co-worker and I went to Washington Square to present the Assessment of Fair Housing AFH. We had a pretty small turnout, but everyone that attended seemed interested in the presentation and participated in the discussion afterwards. We asked if anyone had experienced any issues with fair housing in the past and if they were able to resolve it. One woman said, “I had an issue here and I have not been able to resolve it”. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it and she replied that she did not. A little later she leaned over to me and asked if she could talk to me after the presentation. I said yes of course and while we were packing up she was folding chairs as people left the meeting. One of the guys in …show more content…

The tenant went back to her unit and called 911. Officer Bass of the Bellingham Police Department was the one that responded. The Tenant has a police report from that night and the officer referred her to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault DVSAS and he promised to get back to her which he has not.

The tenant said that attending weekly counseling sessions at DVSAS has helped her immensely and she has realized that she may never know the details of that night. She said that she has been ostracized by some of his friends that leave signs on his door that say some people are just liars or some women are desperate for attention. In fact, the man that came back into the meeting after it was over and saw she was still with us, is his good friend. The tenant says that she sees him every single day and that he makes lewd comments to her in the hallway. He told her that he can hear her in the shower, and when she does take a shower as soon as she is done he knocks on her door, presumably to see if she will answer in her robe or in a towel. The tenant said that she spoke with someone at Washington Square named Doug Patten or Patton. I don’t know if he is an employee of the Housing Authority or not. She asked Doug if she could please move to another unit and he said that she could move her to Lincoln Square. She does not want to live at Lincoln Square, she has friends at Washington Square too and she gave me a couple of other reasons not to move to Lincoln Square. The

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