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Janniel P. Mariano
11 – Prudence
Which pet people prefer Cat or Dog?

In the past most common pet is the Dog which is good, because dog can use in the war or can be a house guard which makes people love dogs. Dogs are useful in a lot of things like detecting drugs or can help to search people by sniffing, well of course a dog needs a proper training which enhance them and make them more useful. In mid year which dogs is still popular people began to find new types of dog as of now there are now different breed of dog like Pit bull, Pug, Golden Retriever and Etc. Dogs in different part of the world have special talents which made people think and make to get a dog so they can train the dog and have there own pet, thru out the present dog is still the best pet because dogs are more useful not like cats. A …show more content…

In most house in the world, dogs are not just pet but a part of the family which they love too owning a dog is not easy you need to do chores like picking up there crap on the floor wiping their piss and taking care them giving them a bath and giving food and walking them outside, doing this can make the dog love its owner more and willing to obey dogs are not smart like us but they can show love and care to their owner too.
Let’s go to the cat, half of people intend to own a cat than dogs well cats are unique and fluffy which make people love them more than dogs and cats are not suitable for training because they just slack off the ground, most of the cats intend to hide by their owners and just sleep and they’ll just come out when food is ready but other cats likes to sleep beside their owners and likes to play with them, cats are jerk

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