Essay On Forensic Pathology

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CSI, Forensic Files, 48 Hours, and Law and Order introduces viewers to the career of forensic pathology. However, viewer do not fully understand the work of forensic pathologist. Forensic pathologists are medical professional who perform autopsies to identify corpses, and determine its cause and manner of death. There are two ways forensic pathologist labels the cause of death: proximate cause of death and immediate cause of death. Proximate cause of death is a sequence of events that ultimately led to death. While, immediate cause of death is an injury or disease that led to the death of an individual (Forensic Pathology). Once the cause of death is acknowledged, the pathologist has to establish the manner of death. The manner of death can be homicide, suicide, accidental, or from natural causes. Forensic pathologist has to give an account for ‘normal’ postmortem changes, such as Rigor mortis, Liver mortis, desiccation, and putrefaction and mummification. When Rigor mortis occur, the body’s muscles decompose and become extremely rigid. When the blood of a corpses settle in an area it causes Livor…show more content…
Determining the cause and manner of death is far most the vital duty to accomplish. Forensic pathologist is trained to perform autopsies to help find the presence of diseases, injuries, or poisoning. An autopsy is the examination of a body after its death. The forensic pathologist will examine the body internally and externally. Forensic pathologist may remove organs and stomach contents as sample collections to analyze. They analyze the head and brain too. They have to analyze the corpse’s medical history, evaluate witnesses’ statements, and collect medical and trace evidence from the body and crime scene (Explore Health Careers). Sometime forensic pathologist has to reconstruct the scene to understand how the person received their injuries. While only a few duties are listed, there are many in this
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