Essay On Gender Discrimination

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In American History, Women's rights and inequality has encountered the hardship of legal and social discrimination. Women consistently battle against horizontal segregation, the separation of women and men into gender specific jobs. Despite a strong woman's presence in today's workplace, women are still facing challenges such as gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Many would argue that woman is no longer discriminated against, however, woman often face sexual harassment more often than a male. This is solely based on the fact that a woman, is still looked upon as needed to be a house wife. Men and sometimes women, find it hard to respect a superior woman. This could be considered as a leading contributory to sexual misconduct in the workplace. Which has caused far too many recent cases being filed against men of higher grounds. Today most women are afraid to reach higher and grab that job of which is considered to be for men. Are men facing challenges with discrimination and inequality? Traditional children learn from their mothers the behavior expected of them, which included cooking, cleaning and raising of the children. Many laws have been passed to help or attempt to help with discrimination against woman, which seems to have failed. One could ask themselves are men every discriminated against? Let's see are there any countries where men can't vote, because they are male? Women spend more time looking for reasons why their treated differently, instead
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