Essay On General Education Vs American Education

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American higher education has been evolving from a traditional liberal arts education to a more consumer-driver education that we now know as general education. I enjoyed reading the differing views on liberal and general education and was mostly encouraged by my choice to pursue my general education degree. A college education should not only educate students but also equip them for life after college. In my opinion it’s wiser to get a degree that’s versatile than to spend the time and money on a specialized degree and still not be marketable in today’s economy. My definition of general education is a broad yet focused education that provides knowledge and skills across a variety of disciplines, and serves as the foundation for personal and professional growth in today’s marketplace. This is my first course since choosing to pursue my general education degree, so I have many goals that I want to accomplish. My main goal is to be committed to completing my degree because I’ve taken classes sporadically for over ten years. The general education degree revealed a shorter path to the same end goal of graduation. I am …show more content…

If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve never wasted my time pursuing a specialized degree. If I would’ve gotten my general education degree first I could’ve finished quicker, pursued a master’s degree in a specialty, and been further along in my career. I feel that the general education degree isn’t that popular among younger generations because they don’t see its true value, but rather that it won’t make them as competitive as a specialized degree. In the uncertain world that we live in I recommend the versatile degree that can be built upon as professional expectations change, so can you. The goal should not just be an education but how can that education be applied after

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