Essay On George Washington And Alexander Hamilton

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Throughout the history there have been many important people that have help built what we know as the United States. During their time there were a lot of events that defined these characters to become the great leaders that they were. In specific George Washington and Alexander Hamilton are the reason we have some of our commodities and rights nowadays. They went through a lot of criticism and hard work all for the good of everyone, but hard work pays off; this is why both of these important characters are in the faces of our current currency.
The Washington administration faced many challenges, the Articles of confederation had many flaws which brought problems. The new nation government was thought to be weak, one reason being that the articles of confederation only gave a one-house legislature. Which meant that the 13 states had only one vote on any lawmaking rules and in order for it to pass at least 9 had to be for it. The nation’s debt was also a challenge faced but federalist Alexander Hamilton used his intelligence to use it to his advantage and to strengthen the power of the federal government. Hamilton came up with “Report on the public credit”
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They didn’t believe that there was a need to make a strong central government. Anti-federalist stated that “a very extensive territory cannot be governed on the principles of freedom”. The first serious challenge to the authority of the federal government was the whiskey rebellion. Many people weren’t happy about getting tax so they would start tarring and feathering the tax collectors. The tar would burn when applied to the skin and usually was deadly because of how severe the burn would be. The protest of the taxes became more violent to a point where they killed a federal officer. At this point Washington reaction was to put an end to this rebellion, and ended up sending militia to end
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