Essay On Getting Married And Cohabitation

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Bikram Bista Prof Mather English 1010 11/12/2017 Getting Married vs cohabitating Cohabitation is an arrangement where a couple who have not married life collectively. Such arrangements have become more and more common in Western nations during the previous few decades, being directed by changing social views, specifically about marriage, gender role, and religion. Whereas getting married is also called wedlock, is a socially accept the union among spouse that builds right and obligation between those spouses, as well as between them and any resulting biological children. Nowadays, there is a different opinion in the society about getting married or cohabitation when a person is fed up living a single life. Peoples might prefer getting …show more content…

In contrast, extremely high costs of housing and constricted finances of today’s economy is reasons that lead a couple to cohabitation. While cohabiting partners are less likely to pull their income. such kind of relation results in more fragile partnership. But it may offer greater flexibility to engage in the wider range of economic arrangement for cohabited. Also, Marriage enriches the relationship between a spouse and the in-laws and in case of the death of the partner they can help in raising children bored. Inheritance of wealth that spouses have obtained over time is easier when spouses are lawfully married. In other hand, people cohabiting for years, bearing children and generating wealth collectively, but due to lack of legal evidence can be a burden for raising children without the wealth they accumulate collectively if one dies. Secondly, commitment plays an important role in both relations. The primary reason people live together without being married is that one or both parties are unwilling to commit to a higher level. The cohabiting relationship allows them to check the other individual out on a trial basis before determining if they measure up. After all, it’s all about how decent the other person is at making them content and meeting their needs. Whereas in marriage a deeper and essential level of commitment is needed. The commitment to be willing to do whatever it takes to make a marriage work. There is less chance of being cheated in marriage

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