Persuasive Essay On Choosing Marriage

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Deciding Marriage Most people start looking for there special someone at a very young age because they want to experience true love as soon as possible, but is that smart? Most people get to pick and choose who they want to date and potentially marry, but are they making the right decision? Are younger people educated enough to know what they are really doing? When people bring up the idea of parents picking who you marry they tend to despise that idea and basically say that's not happening, but if we really think about it they most likely have a lot more experience than us and more knowledgeable in relationships. Parents should choose who their children marry because they can choose from a more knowledgeable standpoint, they know the right time for marriage, and they can help their child make the correct decisions regarding marriage. The first reason why parents should give a say in who their child marries is because they can choose from a more knowledgeable standpoint. A study found in 5 Stages of The Human Brain Development states that, “The brain reaches its peak power around age 22 and lasts for 5 more years” (5 Stages of The Human Brain Development). This quote demonstrates that after an adult has become at least age 22 that there brain is fully developed. Also this also basically shows that after age 22 you will be much more informed on relationships and will have a knowledge of the right steps to make and correct things to do, and most of your parents exede the
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