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Identify at least two different possible markets for the Gizmo.
Tech-savvy Teenagers
Baby Boomers
How would the marketing strategy differ for each target market?
Tech-savvy Teenagers: You’ll need to keep in mind, this generation has lived with technology all their life. Most of them already own a phone. This generation is also big on trends, creating a cool looking phone that can let them do everything they generally do on a pc and more, will appeal to them greatly.
Baby Boomers: They have more purchasing power as they tend to have a decent amount of disposable income. Bloomers value the style/look, customer service, and brands over the price. They also tend to do more research than teenagers who tend to care more about word of mouth and …show more content…

They will focus on you a lot more. They will spend more time promoting your products. And your products will be restocked much more often.
Disadvantages: If the distributor does a bad job, it will greatly affect you in a very negative way. There is also generally a larger commission fee when you work with one exclusive distributor.
How would this decision be affected by the selection of target market?
Tech-savvy Teenagers: Different distributors have a different market reach. If your target market doesn’t usually shop at high-end stores such as teenagers who don’t have that much extra cash and tend to shop online, than a particular distributor whose reach is mainly at a few high-end stores, might not be able to benefit you as you much as you might desire. You will need a distributor with a larger online reach.
Baby Boomers: They tend to buy in-stores a lot more than online so a distributor who has more of a market reach at physical stores would be a better distributor for this target market. And depending on the reach of the distributor, you will have a smaller or larger reach.
What would be the implications on the supply

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