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Gold Rush in the United States It is amazing how a small gold nugget drew a large mass of miners into Cherokee Nation’s grounds. Most people never associate Georgia and gold. Instead they associate Georgia with slaves, plantations, and cotton fields. One of the unusual events in the Gold Rush was the surprising find of gold in Georgia. A three ounce gold nugget was found. People began to search for gold in the caves. Once more gold was found they began to dig for the precious gold nuggets. First, gold was found in Georgia records indicate to have been in 1829. “John Witheroods found a three-ounce nugget along Duke's Creek in Habersham County (present-day) White County”. (David Williams) Others will dispute who actually found the first piece of gold nugget. Some people say it was a gentlemen from North Carolina, found gold nugget in the same location. There is no concrete evidence who was the first one to find gold. Once the news reached the surrounding areas and states. The large number of miners was greater than initially expected to have been. Many Gold Rush towns were quickly built in the north part of Georgia, which was near the area where gold was found. The towns grew from a handful of families to …show more content…

They searched for gold along the river and creek beds without any destination with their pans, axes, and shovels. The miners used a method called “placer” mining. They used their pans to collect the gold that washed down from the hillsides and settled in the bottom of the rivers. Other miners would use flatboats to shift the current to find better locations with more gold deposits. Many of them were very successful and collected numerous amount of gold dust with their pans. After a while it was more difficult to find gold that had washed down from the mountains and the hills into the streams. The towns along grew and more money was available for miners to find new ways to mine for

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