Essay On Groupthink

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Stephen King was quoted as saying, “The scariest moment is always just before you start.” A plane crash is bad enough; throw into the mix that the plane crash landed in a vast desert far away from anyone and anything. The team showed great cohesiveness in its ability to get through the groupthink and group shift behaviors. In this paper, groupthink and group shift behaviors will be discussed. This paper will cover points to show how through both behaviors the group will remain cohesive and put aside any individual needs and focus more on the needs of the group. Even though the situation will be tough, the team will plan, find harmony and put their brains together to find ways to survive. Group task, maintenance or self-centered …show more content…

Now as a group, we had to come up with a plan on how to survive until help arrived. The goal was to come to a consensus as to what steps should be taken until help arrived. There was urgency with the situation, as the plane had crashed in a desert. The conditions the survivors faced were not only immediate but also extreme. One of the first key concepts gained from the desert survival experiment was to analyze the situation. We took into account the supplies on hand, the abilities or handicaps of the survivors and their ability to maintain a level of keeping their wits about them. When a person takes on the belief that there is no way out, panic sets in. When that happens, a person can decline very rapidly and the end will be near. Bringing the survivors together and asking what skills they possessed would help the group as a whole. Doing so would also give everyone an understanding of what each member can contribute towards the groups’ survival. Norms, status, size, and cohesiveness. One of the group norms that had already been established through cohesiveness was the group’s respect for each other. When a member is speaking, they let the member finish without being interrupted. This showed respect for each other’s opinions. Each time a member spoke, they were brief and to the point. In return, members of the group would agree, agree to disagree, and in some cases built on each other’s ideas. Weatherhead

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