Essay On Gun Control

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Views on Gun Control Gun control is one of the few things in today’s society that is a major problem and that is extremely prevalent in the United States. This phenomenon has been a controversy for decades that is still highly debated today. One of the reasons why this topic is so important is because of how dangerous firearms can be towards others or even yourself. Just in the past couple of years there has been multiple incidents involving firearms and death. For example, the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school and Aurora, Colorado shook the Nation as a whole. In addition, many authors argue whether or not they are for gun control for obvious reasons, but what they do not talk about is religious reasons. The biggest argument over …show more content…

Fritz M.D. comes from the Brown University School of Medicine. He shows his support with his article titled “A national response to school shootings.” In his paper he is extremely thorough about gun control, more specifically what is causing the problem and how to fix it. In addition, Fritz stresses that the services and precautions taken to increase gun control are not enough to be effective.
The final gun control supporter Aditi Verma, a journalist for bioethics journal claims that Untied States needs more gun control enforcement. Verma expressed her thoughts with her paper titled “Gun Control and Mental Illness.” She takes on the stance that if people want something done then they have to invest their time and money into what they are doing. For example, if she wants to crack down on the gun control and mental illness issue then she is going to have to do research and spend valuable resources.
Of course when there is an issue there is always more than one side. In this case, we have John R. Lott Jr. a non-supporter of gun control. Lott Jr. is the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and author of “The War on Guns” and “More Guns, Less Crime.” He exhibits his views on gun control with his article titled “It’s already too late for gun control to work.” In his paper he explains that society has failed on itself and there is no hope for gun control to work anytime soon. Lott Jr. definitely takes a more radical approach to gun control and seems to

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