Essay On Gun Shootings

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Gun violence is an unfortunate frequently occurring problem in the United States. One of the most recent, and deadliest mass shooting was in Las Vegas this past October. These shootings affect not only Americans but also those from other countries as well. There are also many small scale shootings that take place, but these tend to be less publicized. In San Francisco this year a man opened fire on his coworkers before turning the gun on himself. These two examples will be looked at in greater detail, and are just two of the hundreds of shootings that occur annually in America. A major role in these shootings is that the second amendment means more to Americans than thousands of civilian lives being taken each year due to gun violence. The…show more content…
As time goes on American society continues to believe they are more protected if they have a gun, and as long as gun violence continues this trend will continue as well. For someone to fear crime it consists of two assumptions: first, that people’s fear of crime motivates them to buy a gun for protection; and second, that mass shootings increase people’s fear of crime (Stroebe, et al., 2017). This creates a cycle that is not good for anybody, more and more people will purchase out of fear and these guns can end up in anyone’s hands.

Since we typically hear about these tragedies through media, the internet’s multiple pathways and platforms transmit news and opinion in greater volume and speed than at any other point in history (Oliffe et al., 2014). This allows both the writers, and the readers to interpret the news in whatever way they want. Which is how untrue information about cases begins to spread.
When mass shootings are reported on, they tend to have different information about what occurred depending on the article you read, the reason being that there is no generally accepted definition of mass shooting and that different databases disagree on nearly every aspect of such a definition
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