Essay On How I Learned To Hate The Lottery

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The Death Of Convenience
(Or How I Learned to Hate the Lottery)

More often than not these days, I find myself stuck in a line at a gas station – a seemingly endless queue in which time advances at a snail's pace, and stress levels skyrocket. Will I make that meeting? Will the grocery store close before I get there? What is the meaning of life? All of these questions share a brief moment in the spotlight before being gaffed by the lovely attitude of the cashier whom you have waited so long to see, hand over that ten dollar bill, and get back to civilized life. What ever happened to the “convenience” store? Has the meaning of the word surreptitiously changed to exclude the long lines and ridiculous wait times? Or has something else emerged? Something so sinister and wholly evil that it can piss off a minister on Sunday, or bring a young mother with screaming children to …show more content…

For example, when that one fortunate soul wins a measly five dollars on her scratch-off ticket, and proceeds to “roll over” her newly acquired cash to by more tickets - which she immediately scratches off after purchase. How lucky she would be to win a second time after buying five more tickets with her five dollars. Now she can buy five more, and repeat the process until she doesn't win, at which time she makes her exit and casually walks past everyone who she has just robbed of 10 minutes of life. Remember the nicotine-deprived young man? The veins in his forehead are now thrombosed, and he exhibits an inhuman amount of self control as the winner passes him by. Meanwhile, you look ahead to find that the customer behind her has decided she would like a lottery ticket too. The vicious cycle is never ending, and you are now late for your important meeting. You look around for job applications because after this, you may need one. You also grab an Abba-Zabba and a Yoohoo because you may be here awhile

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