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How to Build your Own Computer A computer is a piece of equipment people use to do many things. People use computer for personal usage and for normal operations when running a business. Computers can range from a reasonable price to being an expensive piece of equipment. Building your very own computer should be based on a budget in which you will be able to afford and do the job you want it to do.
Safety and Tools
When trying to build your own computer you must always consider safety. Safety can be for you as the person using and manipulating the computer parts and the workspace you are placing the computer. You as the person building the computer must always consider electrical safety of yourself. Ensuring you not wearing jewelry …show more content…

The IO shield supports the motherboard and the motherboard standoffs screws creates a gap for the shield and motherboard to not touch each other. You place the IO shield into the system case by pressing down on the case until it snap in place. To install the motherboard standoffs screws, you will hold the motherboard above the case and look down at the holes to match up the holes. (3.3.3) Once you have match the holes with the motherboard, install the motherboard standoffs screws hand tightened. (add picture) We can now install the motherboard. Place the LGA 1366 Motherboard with the IO connectors first to snap the motherboard on to the IO shield and secure the motherboard using the motherboard screw into the motherboard standoffs screws with fine thread screws.
Installing the CPU The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is considering to be the brain of the computer. (3.5.1) When installing the CPU into the motherboard you will have to consider the risk of electrostatic discharge. To avoid electrostatic discharge, you must use a static mat and need to be clip to the static mat. We have review the documentation for the LGA 1366 Motherboard and found the compatible CPU to use will be the i7 960 CPU. (add picture) When installing the i7 960 CPU, you need to verify you have the Heat sink fan installed before placing inside the motherboard. You

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