Essay On How To Get Your Kids Exercise

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10 Healthy Ways to Get Your Kids Exercising The world is full of temptations and distractions. These are impacting our health, whether we are adults or children. As parents, it’s important to teach kids about making healthy choices. To show them the tools that can improve their wellbeing, now and when they grow older. Physical activity is an important part of this puzzle. It’s important to support healthy eating choices with physical activity. For kids, at least one hour of each day should be spent up on their feet. This will make it easier to maintain a healthy weight and help their muscles and bones grow strong. Furthermore, children can even benefit in terms of improved confidence – not to mention the fun you can have staying active.…show more content…
Walking out the dog If your family has a dog, then you should divide the duties to take the dog out for a walk amongst yourselves. It’s a great form of exercise the child can do without supervision. Playing with a dog can be fun and your child might not even realise they are exercising. Playing Frisbee or other outdoor sport You can also just buy a bunch of Frisbees, footballs or basketballs and start playing with them outdoors. You can have a 15-minute session each afternoon. This will force the child to run around and do different activities. To make it more engaging, you could start a cup event with challenges and a prize for the monthly top performer. Jumping jacks while waiting You could also start a tradition during which you need to do jumping jacks while waiting for something. If the child is heating food on the microwave or waiting a sibling to come out of a bathroom, they could do jumping jacks. These small bursts of exercise are fun and encourage the child to view exercise as something you can do anywhere. Planking competitions Planking for a short period can be a good core strength exercise for kids. It’s a fun exercise as well and you can do it any point. Waiting for the food to cook? Have a little blanking competition! Watching TV and the ads come on? You could have a family planking competition. Build and fly a kite Exercise can be tied to other fun activities as well. For example, flying a kite can let your kids run around and stay active.
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