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Vote for John Kasich,John Kasich for president! John Kasich is the 69th and current governor of Ohio. He was born May 13,1952,and was born in McKees Rocks,Pennsylvania.He is 63 years old,Also Kasich is a republican politic. Parents are Anne Kasich and John Kasich. His platform is, to straighten out Washington D.C. John Kasich is going to make children have a better education. He said “he is going to make the teachers teach character to the students.John is going to move deeper in the clean water act. he is going to save money by converting prisoners to taxpayers.Death penalty is consistent with justice and christian values. More prosecution and sentencing for juvenile crime. He voted no on replacing death penalty with life imprisonment. Don't send mixed signals to kids by legalizing. More after school programs with federal plus local funds.…show more content…
He was a nine term congressman. He was also a Ohio senate at the age of 26 ,and was in the house of representatives at the age of 30. He most recently penned stand for something: The Battle for America's soul. He has twin daughters named Reese and Emma Kasich. known as a fiscal hawk began long before his tenure as governor.He was in the house committee on the budget. He also created 317,000 jobs in Ohio. He went to Ohio state university in 1974.He qualifies for president and governor.BA,Science political.His motivation is going to continue common core. He is going to cut education spending.He is promoting occupations choice that is starting in elementary school.He cut about $84 million of funding from public school.He wants charter schools with state oversight. $120 million student debt relief funds;plus online school. In conclusion, Vote for John Kasich for president. He has a lot of experience,and he is the man with the plan.John kasich did not start off with a small loan of a million dollars,but he is the right
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