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Gregory Ocampo


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Justifiable Force

People have hurt and even killed others for numerous reasons, but many of them don’t know when it’s justifiable to do so or don’t care. Different situations call upon different actions. Justifiable force can be used in a few situations when it is called for such as protecting yourself or someone else. Another situation would be defending your home or property from intruders. Also, people such as police officers and military personnel use justifiable force. A lot of people think that their actions are justified when they are not.

When people see others getting bullied some go to their help, but others just watch. Running to the defense of someone or defending yourself is an act of justifiable force. I been bullied before and I know that it’s no laughing matter. I even helped some people getting bullied even though those people getting bullied were also bullying others I still helped them because it was the right thing to do. If people could learn to …show more content…

Justifiable force is not a something you can play around with because it’s possible you or another person could be killed. You should only use force when it is absolutely necessary and you feel a situation could put your life at risk. There are times when justifiable force can be claimed unjustifiable such as when there is not enough evidence to declare your innocence or when the action you took was not justifiable. There are laws in different states that state when situations are justifiable and when they are not. The next time you are in a tight situation and you don’t know if what you are about to do is justifiable, then just remember that you have the right to protect yourself and

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