Essay On Language And Communication

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Zacchaeus Kier Prof. Roy Pace English 1101- V 29 August 2017 Language and Communication Usage Language and communication are the basis of all things social. Whether social is discussing information about a coming test, reciting the last song listened to, or flirting with a girl or boy met at the cafe. Words are the basis of language and communication but not only words; action is also a basis hence the term, body language. Language and communication also include discussion with others and discussion towards oneself. When regarding language and communication, one uses it to think. Thinking is personal, and language is a way to process the personal information passing through the mind into something understandable and memorable. This…show more content…
. One example of written language is this paper; however, written language consists of more than just words on paper. Written language could actually be drawings and pictures because they communicate ideas to others and the method has to evoke a thought or an idea. Like the other methods of communications written language originates from thoughts or ideas. Words on paper contribute a lot to written language. In America the very first things about a person are written down on what every legal citizen probably knows as, a birth certificate. Names are usually verbally communicated but they are always being written. For example: this essay header, every school paper that needs to be turned in (unless it is me up to 7th grade because of the fact that I continuously forgot to write my name), signatures, and online purchases. Without these common examples overall language and communication could become quite difficult and confusing. Examples of drawings being used as a medium of communication is abstract art and meaningful drawings. Abstract art is weird but the general idea is that it has an idea or thought within it and that is expresses one 's emotions through a creation. Meanwhile, meaningful drawings show others what was going through a creator 's mind with ideas that connect to others. Pictures are also used in a similar way, photography for example. Pictures are taken to show others meaning behind what
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