Essay On Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, Nevada, a city with cheap hotels, amazing food, and great gambling, is an awesome vacation spot with a unique history. Las Vegas is in the city of Nevada. Before there was casinos in Las Vegas, it was actually a desert. Most of the places that people see in Las Vegas, was built from drug money. There was a large dam that provided water, that is why people would stay there. According to “,” “Las Vegas drew millions of visitors and trillions of dollars in wealth” (1). “In the beginning of the 1940s there was a lot more drugs, money, and crime in Las Vegas” (“” 1). Now if people go to Las Vegas, there are casinos, restaurants, and hotels everywhere. There are also some fun activities for family. Las Vegas…show more content…
Most hotels in Las Vegas are 5 star hotels. The hotels are very close to the casinos. The Bellagio hotel is one of them. It has a rooftop garden. The herbs that the Bellagio hotel uses for food is from the garden. There is the Palazzo hotel that is also a 5 star hotel in Las Vegas. The Palazzo hotel has one of the largest rooftop solar-energy systems in the United States. “You can also order drinks through a slot machine”(Shallcross…show more content…
Exotic racing is where people pay money and they get to race other cars. It is just like NASCAR racing, but these are not professionals. The cars are sports cars. Some of the cars are Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Corvettes. I think it would be really fun and I would love to drive one of the cars. I would like to stay in one of Las Vegas’s hotels also. I would like to see if it is truly 5 star and see how pretty they are. Another reason why I would like to got to Las Vegas is to meet Wayde King and Brett Raymer in person. They are the owners of a fish tank company. They have a show on Animal Planet called Tanked. Now do you think you want to go to Las
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