Essay On Law Breaking

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Our opponents stated that celebrities promote law breaking and make it sound fun. But, Justin Bieber (their example ) didn’t promote drag racing and other illegal ideas, (he seemed to be under influence/drunk when caught by police). The opponents said that when a celebrity breaks the law it inspires teens and children to break the law, but this is not true because teens were not inclined to break the law after Bieber did, they only acknowledged it. Celebrities have the same punishment/bail that normal humans do; for example OJ Simpson got the same punishment and time that any convicted murder suspect would. Bieber paid $2,500 for his bail, the normal range is from $500-$10,000, Bieber paid the normal bail and more then his friend who was …show more content…

Our challenger said that celebrities should not be role models because they promote inappropriate behavior. Even celebrities who are considered role models make mistakes and don’t mean for these actions to appeal to their fans. They are …show more content…

The example thrown out was Miley Cyrus, Cyrus was once one of Disney’s biggest star and after her Disney show ended, Cyrus disappeared from paparazzi’s eye. But in, 2012 Miley shaved her head; and this is what many believed started a new era in Miley. What many find as inappropriate dancing or adult-themed dancing, has been promoted numerous times by Cyrus (and again Cyrus doesn't promote this, it’s her idea of dancing and her way of showing it to people) . However our opponents said, “If a young girl learns how to dance[twerk] from watching the VMA’s, Miley is not responsible.” This quote works in our favor for the reason that Cyrus shouldn’t be blamed for others actions and shouldn’t be considered an inappropriate role model. They also stated that Cyrus writes songs about love and teenage rebellion. But most songs that appeal to teenagers are about those specific topics. Taylor Swift who is a well-known role model writes constantly about her relationships; their songs aren’t meant to promote this behavior but only to entertain and tell the truths about teenage life. Our opposers also said that celebrities portray a negative body image to

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