Essay On Losing My Dad

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Losing My Dad and Moving to America I was born and grew up in Ethiopia, moving to America three years ago. Ethiopia is one of the traditional country where most of the population and the economy rely on agriculture. I was born in small rural town called Akaki in the southern part of Addis Ababa City. My family depends on agriculture, my parents grow crops like teff, barley, hard wheat and sorghum, which is the common ingredients for our day to day meal. The production of these crops takes place in traditional farming. I am the youngest kid in my family, that means I am free from any responsibilities in my culture my older siblings do most of the things in our family. I spent most of the time playing with my friends. Everyone in my family loves me. If something happens with in our family, the oldest one are accountable and responsible, even I am a young and grown guy, this thing makes me lazy and spoiled person. One day my father came from farming and he looked exhausted. He just went to his bedroom. The next morning, he felt sick. We took him to the closest hospital after the doctors did the required examination, they found out he had high blood pressure and could be a victim of a heart attack if he did not take the necessary medication. We came back home with the prescription and medicine. My dad took those pills only for three days, after two weeks he was sick again, but this time he couldn't breathe normally and wouldn’t move his bodies, we rushed him to the hospital

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