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Manifest Destiny has many topics to choose from, the Annexation and war with Mexico being one of them. Annexation is the action of invading, most times it was about invading land. There were more Americans living in Texas then there were Mexicans. Eventually Texas became an independent republic in 1836, this simply added to the events leading up to the war with Mexico. The purpose of this essay is to understand the Annexation of Texas, how the war with Mexico began, what happened in the Mexican war, who contributed to the Annexation of Texas, and how all this ties in with Manifest Destiny. The Annexation of Texas was the process of transitioning Texas into being a part of the United States. While Mexico objected the idea of Texas being…show more content…
The Mexican war had many battles, while America won all battles fought, Mexico was adamant in putting up a fight against America, as they were not willing to give up Texas to America. The Mexican war lasted longer than Polk had hoped for, it lasted well over a year. While war continued Polk feared that Taylor could not achieve tactical skills to defeat Mexico. Polk also feared that Taylor would gain political power if he was successful with his tactic against Mexico, and he did gain that political power that Polk feared he would have. While Polk was fearful he also went ahead and made orders to move offensive tactics against New Mexico and California. Kearny saw that America needed help, so he helped to bring American forces together under his command, eventually they had complete control over California. Mexico was still adamant not to be defeated by America. Polk and General Winfield Scott decided that the war had gone on long enough. Scott advanced on the Mexicans, and while he did so he was able to keep a low body count of his own soldiers, while he had never lost a battle before finally seizing the Mexican capital. After seizing the Mexican capital, a New Mexican government took control and was now willing to negotiate peace with America. Polk still was wanting to annex more of Mexico, but wanted the war to be over so, he sent Nicholas Trist to decide on a settlement.

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