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Historically, McDonalds focused on intensely expanding to emerging markets. The success of this was centered around the company’s business model, being franchising. Today McDonald's serves more than 69 million clients worldwide regularly and is present in 118 countries. Through this international presence in both developed and developing countries, the company aims to relieve some of the competitive pressures faced in the aggressive United States market. However, this diversification in no means shows a fundamental shift of its intention to be a pioneer in the developed countries it is present in. The company is also trying to cement its position as a market leader through aggressive advertisements, restructuring the ambience of their stores,…show more content…
The Big Mac, McFlurry, McNuggets are a few of the products coveted by customers and available in every Mcdonalds store. In addition to this, the company also tailors some offerings according to the local taste and preferences of the country it is present in. For example, in the UAE, the company offers the McArabia, in India it offers the Maharaja Mac and in Costa Rica it offers the McPinto. These are just a few of the tailor-cooked meals McDonalds offers. Through this, the company increases the appeal of it’s meals, which increases the brand recognition in the minds of…show more content…
Being a cost leader, it strives to price it’s products at the lowest, while also cementing an idea in the mind of the consumer that it is passing on cost savings to them. For example, the company prices it’s medium fries at 1.99$ instead of 2$, allowing the customer to “save” one cent. (Meyer,2017)This strategy has proven to be a successful pricing strategy, given that there is almost never a time of day where the sun “sets” on the golden arches, or where the store is
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