Essay On Medical Population

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As a result of the immediate increase in population in the years 2370-2410, resources became not very common to come upon, which pushed the medical community to further their advancements and develop a method in which they could dehydrate the human epidermis, leaving it for clothing and other fabric related materials, as well as giving human muscle the ability to be used for consumption by adding nutrients that could supplement fruits and vegetables. This was executed on a person’s fiftieth birthday, because it was believed that was when a person was the most ripe, any older than that, they would be too susceptible to disease. Patients were sent to medical chambers, where the harvesting process would begin. They were to be kept awake while …show more content…

The food is gathered by the house chef, with specific instructions given by Marco dictating how much to bring in, how it should be prepared, and any other requests meant to satisfy his mother and brother’s needs. Marco’s main goal is for him and his family to consistently look healthy, resulting in them constantly playing sports and always pampering themselves, when his time allows. Normally, Marco can be found in his main office going through paperwork he mindlessly reads and signs where needed. After leaving the table, Marco entered his office and began to work. Turning on the television, all that came on was news on the topic of an imaginary revolution that in Marco’s idea, would never have a possibility of ever happening. These people will never amount to anything, I don’t understand why they still even try. Although, seeming strong, hollow people make up the population with no want to be themselves because they have no reason to be. These people know that once they reach their fiftieth birthday, they will become produce on a shelf within less than a few days. Their growing desperation is leading to rising crime and suicide rates. Maybe if they learned to truly appreciate life, they wouldn’t mind giving it up for their own people.

To provide a sense of protection for his family while always being in the spotlight due to

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