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Meet Sally. Sally is a high school student who receives nine hours of sleep each night and around 75-120 of homework each day. She also manages to get good grades for her classes. She seems live a healthy and normal student, however, she has something that students her age should have: spare time.
If you are shocked by this story, there are many students like Sally all over the country who have excessive amounts of free time. These students are only spending two hours on their homework assignments each night, which is not enough time for work. The school board has proposed assigning students more homework in order to help students use their time more efficiently. Although the students may complain, a larger homework load will benefit them in the long run and will possibly eliminate their spare time. As a result of a larger homework load students will be able to practice more skills in one night and receive better grades as an outcome. Less homework will cause the students to move at a slower pace, thus making them learn less in a specific period of time. Imagine all the new concepts they will be proficient in if they review more material
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By putting a greater emphasis on homework, it pushes the students to put more effort into their work or else they risk getting a low grade. They need to practice good study habits in order to maintain a good grade. The best way to do your homework is to rush through it. This allows a student to complete more work in a shorter amount of time. They will learn how to manage their time and complete their assignments quickly. There will also be no time for procrastination since the homework load will keep them on their toes. A good education is more important than recreational activities so there will be no time to do those meretricious pastimes if the homework load increases. These study habits will help students use their time wisely and eliminate their spare
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