Essay On Mr. Cole Deserve My Award

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From what I could tell Mr. Cole deserved his award. His circumstances were choice, a homeroom of 4 students, of differing grades,but still a miniscule class. This was no cake walk, one of his students had a physical disability that made it difficult for him to hear what he taught. Mr. Cole took this in stride, working with the student outside of class to be sure that he retained everything he went over.

While his answers were well thought out as well as thorough, though he couldn’t give insight into everything. When that problem came around he brought up his friends experiences to prove he understood the question. For instance,when asked about troublesome students he personally hadn’t had numerous problem kids, although a friend had had their arm broken by a student, no joke. So he made sure to give us as much info as he could even if he personally hadn’t undergone the same troubles.

A prominent topic of his was approachability and discipline. The two topics were, conceivably , opposites considering how students react to them, but if one …show more content…

Considering the tiny school and class size Mr. Cole had coordinating with his colleagues was not a problem, the staff was made up of only 20 or so people for him, so it was almost a necessity for them to work in tandem. As for parents… that’s another story. You will deal with a wide variety of parents, ordinarily they will come off similar to the behavior of your student, or at least explain your students disposition. Depending on the student’s actions these interactions can differ. If anything happens to go awry it will be YOUR fault, not the procreators it couldn’t possibly be their home life that is the problem. The best way to approach this is to inform the parents of any critical misbehaviors, or educational mishaps, but keep in mind this won’t consistently go swimmingly, so prepare to take the blame for their students

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