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The Cohen research project established that the treatment group had improved health after 1 year, and the control group stated their health not good after the year (Flood & Phillips, 2007). The control group re-counted a norm of 9 physician visits per year while the control group conveyed 13 visits in 1 year. The control group had more falls in 1 year, and treatment group conveyed less falls in 1 year afterwards (Flood & Phillips, 2007). Medication consumption surged at a bigger ratio in the control group, in comparison to the treatment group; furthermore, psychological health was positively impacted by the intermediation (Flood & Phillips, 2007). The aftermath of partaking in a music arts platform has an extensive beneficial health …show more content…

(Flood & Phillips, 2007). Poetry writing became an operational beneficial instrument; consequently, designs assisted employees in attaining better understanding into the point of view of their patients, leading to more effective treatment strategies (Flood & Phillips, 2007).
Journal writing contributes to prospect for individuals to reflect on and evaluate their lives, in addition to the occasions and individuals around them (Flood & Phillips, 2007). Occasions and personal involvements are acknowledged in journals with importance positioned on the individual’s replications concerning procedures and the private connotation attributed to them (Flood & Phillips, 2007). Journaling allows individuals to pull on their innate assets and to reinforce inner capabilities (Flood & Phillips, 2007). Brady and Sky (2003) did qualitative research on exploring previous and present journal writing performances of elderly learners with special emphasis on questions of the apparent reimbursements of journaling in the latter years (Flood & Phillips, 2007). Numerous partakers had kept a journal occasionally during their lifetime; furthermore, it was common to restart the rehearsal of keeping a journal since there were life-threatening occurrences happening in their life (Flood & Phillips, 2007). The residents had important feeling to sort out through journaling (Flood & Phillips, 2007). Numerous contributors openly denoted to the quiet time that was essential for journaling and how

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