Essay On My Writing Style

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Ever since the fourth grade, where we had to practice writing for our FCAT Writes, I had become absolutely entranced by the concept of writing your ideas, thoughts, and creativity on a blank piece of paper. With nothing but a prompt or your own mind encouraging the flow of words that would cascade from my mind to my hand. My friends and family would often say that I smiled the most whenever I was scrawling on a sheet of paper. However, even though I enjoyed writing I was always searching for tips to improve considering that I was never satisfied with anything that looked subpar. In my mind, the characteristics of good writing was always having a paper that would catch the reader’s attention, the words would just flow into one another without sounding choppy…show more content…
I enjoy the idea of creating a story in first or third point of view that would make the readers feel as if they are experiencing the authors emotions in that point of time. Considering that narrative is my preferred style in writing I would have to counter with explanatory being my most disliked style of writing. In my personal opinion, explanatory does not leave much room for expressing yourself without the risk of being labeled as biased or uncreditable and having your paper being labeled as rubbish. With that being said, since being placed in English 1 this month the amount of time I spend writing papers is mostly all day as I attempt to make an excellent paper that my professor would enjoy or at least think that it was above subpar. Before being placed in English 1 I would spend a maximum of at least two to three hours every three days for a school paper or for my own personal joy. However, writing for my own personal joy seems to be losing more and more time as I have started working at Bowlero and between work and school it takes up most of my
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