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Is nascar a dangerous sport? Nascar is dangerous but not as dangerous as you think. Many people think nascar is one of the most dangerous sports. Nascar has changed dramatically over the past few years. Nascar has many different rule to make sure people stay safe. Nascar drivers have to do certain things just to get behind the wheel for the first time. When nascar was first introduced in 1948, they didn't have very many rules at all. I'm going to explain how nascar has changed from 1948 to 2017.

Nascar was first invented February 21, 1948. In June 19, 1948, was the first nascar race ever. They didn't have many safety rules or safety barriers. So yes back then nascar was extremely dangerous. In the 1950s, seat belts were a must to be able …show more content…

And the first safer barriers were ready for installation at the Speedway in time for the 2002 Indianapolis 500.In 2003, nascar is required an additional fire-extinguishing cylinder solely dedicated to the fuel cell area in all three major touring series, mounted in the cockpit and automatically activated by heat.The benefits were immediate, as no drivers suffered significant injuries as a result of contact with the safer barrier. Nascar officials then went to Lincoln, Neb., for a series of tests using heavier stock cars, and came away impressed. Within the next two years, nearly every track on the Cup schedule would have safer barriers at key locations."Every decade, there's a significant improvement in the level of understanding of energy management." Sicking said.

So do you still think nascar is dangerous? Yes it has its dangerous moments but safety has came a long way. Many people died to enforce safety to happen. Nascar isn’t as dangerous anymore. They are still making safety changes to make drivers more safe. No matter how much nascar tries to make safe changes there will still be some dangerous things. Although anything in life has some danger. Nascar hasn’t had someone die since 2001. In my opinion nascar is almost as safe as it can

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