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Journal #4 I am currently reading the novel Pet Semetary by Stephen king, and it is a fairly decent book so far. I would give this book an eight out of ten for three compelling reasons. The reasons I would rate the book an eight out of ten are: the descriptions King uses, the pace of the book and the vocabulary in the novel. The first reason I rate this book an eight out of ten is because of the descriptions King uses. Now, the descriptions go both ways of being bad or good. One reason that it goes towards the worse side for me is because the author goes on for too long, and I get lost. “The incursion was perhaps five centimeters wide; if he had had a baby in his skull, he could have almost have birthed it, like Zeus delivering from his forehead.” (King 82). King does this a lot in the novel, and just goes too far, to the point of pure boredom. However, he also does use his descriptive skills very well. He gets into detail that helps picture the scene better, and better with each description. “Every now and then Gage would grab a double handful of his hair and tugs enthusiastically or administer a cheerful kick to Louis’s kidneys. Late mosquitos cruised around …show more content…

King uses an extensive vocabulary in this novel. I gave this novel such a high rating because; it is extending my vocabulary and knowledge. The author is widely known not for just setting the scene but for using more eerie and chilling words that make it top notch. “He met Norma Crandall, a sweetly pleasant woman who had rheumatoid arthritis- filthy old rheumatoid arthritis, which kills so much of what could be good in the old ages of men and women who are otherwise healthy- but her attitude was good.” (King 27). That is an example on how Stephen King is expanding my vocabulary, just by me reading his novel. His use of bigger and more complex words makes me want to read, in hopes of developing a stronger

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