Essay On Polycystic Kidney Disease

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The polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease: the kidney tissue is replaced by various cysts. In nephrology it is usual to distinguish between the two forms of the disease, one of them, in particular, affects the adult, while the other is more typical of the newborn. The disease impairs the functioning of the kidneys. The causes of these problems are to be sought in a genetic mutation. The symptoms differ according to the stage of disease: it starts from abdominal pain, to reach even to infections that affect the kidneys and the urinary tract.
In most cases, kidney cysts are isolated and have no clinical significance. In polycystic kidney disease the cause is a mutation in the PKD1 gene (chromosome 16) in 85% of cases and the PKD2 gene (chromosome 4) for the remaining 15% of …show more content…

Treatment There is no cure for polycystic kidney disease. Scientific research, in fact, failed to identify therapies that could be decisive. However your doctor may prescribe drugs or treatment to relieve certain symptoms. You have to treat hypertension with medications with ACE inhibitors or low-salt diet, the same way as kidney failure can be slowed with a lifestyle healthier, doing physical activity, and not smoking, eating fat-free foods.
Sometimes in old age you have to resort to dialysis. Against abdominal pain and lower back you can use the analgesics and to fight urinary infections the antibiotic. In some cases it is possible to resort to a surgical intervention, which may consist of a kidney transplant or in the emptying of the cysts. These operations, however, are only recommended in exceptional cases.
if you’ve polycystic kidney infection and you're considering having kids, a hereditary advocate can help you survey your danger of passing the sickness to your expected

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