Essay On Portfolio Reflection

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My Portfolio Reflection Memo below indicates that I achieved this course learning outcome.
My essay 2 shows that I can develop an essay through the draft and revision. That is focused around a central idea. For example, my thesis has my main idea and all my body paragraphs relate to that. Here is my thesis, “I agree with her opinion, because although finding solutions that empower and equip children with knowledge to help them cope better with unfairness may not be easy. It is the responsibility of the family, the school, and society to provide those. These three elements need to act together to protect children and minimize the suffering that the children must fight everywhere all the times.” My Essay 2 is focused around a main …show more content…

These show that my essay skills are ready to start college level.
I can identify and articulate the most important parts of a reading (main ideas) through examples to illustration and my summary. For example, in my summary I wrote, “In her article ‘Why the Myth of Meritocracy Hurts Kids of Color,’ Melinda D. Anderson explains that adolescents with nonwhite identities and marginalized by the system are always discriminated against and damaged due to their misperception that social system is fair and equitable. She shares the study, which Erin Godfrey shows that their beliefs decrease and create conflict in themselves and lead to complete collapse when the truth is exposed, and their perceptions quickly shifted to increasing defiant reactions over time. In addition, David Stovall also states that we need to direct young people to get rid of from the challenges and opposition. School education is the best way to help color youth gain insight into effort aims to turn them from a negative action into a more positive action...” I can condense the main idea of the article in my summary. It is to convey to the reader an understanding of an article that I have read. Furthermore, I wrote in the same way, with fidelity to the source and I did not put any of my opinions in here. My summary skills show that I can attend the College- level now.
One idea in my essay 2 shows that I successfully demonstrate critical

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