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and services so it meets customers’ needs and wants. It also carries out by attracting competitor’s customers in order to sell its products and services to the existing customers.
Product development, in this business is a major change in the product or service. This carries out in order to offer new product or service and to market to existing customers and it replaces the existing products/services. Products and services which this business offers to customers is pet food and accessories such as quality beds, dog flea treatment, dog mats & bowls, collars/leads, toys and coats, Christmas cards/wrap/decorations and gifts. For example, in this business, the product development was on the service that was RSPCA Saver Account and this was …show more content…

This business offered these products to customers and raised over a million pounds, which the business would be investing into training and recruiting inspectors, feeding all animals at 150 centres and covering the utility bills. By doing this, the business has ensured it can continue to make a different to the lives of animals across United Kingdom that have been injured or abused.
Brand Building:
Branding often consists of a brand name, logo and slogan. Businesses would try their best in order to ensure the brand is recognisable in the market through advertisements. Businesses will trade market the brand so competitors cannot copy the same brand. Branding is a powerful tool when trying to sell products as it can help achieve marketing objectives such as becoming market leaders and it can raise customer’s awareness as well. In some instances the branding means, only certain colours and shapes is used and in other instances, it is more flexible. It takes time, money and effort to build a brand and to keep its position at the top in the market.
This business has given attractive image and unique name to its products as it can influence on the public as if the brand is sophisticated and professional then it can sort of brainwash and influence on people to purchase their products and services. Apple has a strong brand in the market, which forces customers to purchase its products, and controls

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