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Rambo is calling my name, I can just feel it tickling the hairs on the back of my neck. A character I am extremely similar to is Rambo. First, Rambo Rambo and I have several similarities that we share with each other. Second, we both are very mean and aggressive like a mad bull. Last, we also have a lot of the same skills and traits in common. As can be seen, we share lots of the same features and we are very much alike.
First of all, I think me and Rambo are a lot alike in many different ways. We both have survival skills such as hunting, fishing, and building fires is the woods. He knows how to live off of the land such as grow a garden and know what he can eat or can’t eat and he knows how to hunt and kill animals. And track things down hopefully one day I will be a green barie like Rambo and be the number one killer in the squad and get many and many confirmed kills while out in the field. After all, in my options Rambo can do many things and I thank he is very talented. …show more content…

We both are experienced in the great outdoors and the vast wilderness we both are great at improvising. All in all, we have an amazing amount of things in common.
Last but not least, he is not afraid to get dirty and down in the mud as seen in his past movies. We both know how to shoot guns and take care of them I hope so dearly to follow in his footsteps one day. As I have stated, Rambo and i are a lot alike in countless ways that I can’t explain.
I thank me and Rambo are a lot alike in numerous ways and extremely similar to each other. I and Rambo have tons and tons of similarities and we follow each other’s footsteps everywhere we go. I have seen Rambo in countless movies such as rambo1, rambo2, and Rambo3, and I’ve watched them all, I thank that he is a great person and hopefully someday we will be just

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