Essay On Reflection On Ethics

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Venessa Bjork
The Situation:
A seasoned social worker employed by a community mental health center was seeking consultation on an ethical dilemma. The ethical dilemma is that one of her clients, Alice M., had committed suicide and her parents would like her to deliver a eulogy at Alice’s funeral. The social worker discussed how she wanted to be supportive, but she also was concerned about Alice’s confidentiality and boundaries with the family.
Dolgoff’s General Decision Making Model:
1. Identify the problem
The practitioner should focus mostly on disagreeing values related to the client’s privacy and worth, the parents’ right to self-determination, the social worker’s obligation to client well-being, and …show more content…

If the social worker were to give the eulogy, she may offer comfort to the client’s parents and possibly others who attend the funeral. The social worker may also obtain some comfort in the manner.
In contrast, giving the eulogy may compromise the client’s privacy and confidentiality. Those who attend the funeral may feel uncomfortable hearing the social worker’s comments, especially if the social worker reveals the nature of her relationship with the deceased. Also, the social worker’s status may be damaged (along with her agency and the social work profession) if those who are in attendance are disapproving of the social worker’s decision to give the eulogy.
If the social worker declines, the client’s parents may be angry and upset. Also, the social worker may feel some doubts as a result, particularly if the social worker’s rapport with the parents becomes stressed.
6. Select and implement using Ethical Principles Screen:

a. Principle 1: Protection of life (the preservation of life is the highest principle)
In regards to the protection of life, it is important to not forget that this includes the quality of life. One thing that is crucial in the principle is that we did not want to hinder the parents’ quality of life, especially after the death of their daughter. The social worker can do this by practicing his/her

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