The Prince Of Tides, By Susan Lowenstein

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Ethics is something we all face at some point in our lives and in social work, we will be running into ethical dilemmas on an everyday basis. The Prince of Tides is an insightful movie, every minute of it left me with my eyes glued to the screen. Although, this movie does have some minor problems within the plot. Prince of Tides is a movie about a grown woman named Savannah Wingo and she struggles with suicide and depression. She lives in New York while her brother, Tom Wingo, lives in South Carolina. She attempts suicide once again and the psychiatrist requests that Tom come to New York to visit Savannah. Tom arrives in New York and instantly becomes involved in Savannah’s case and the psychiatrist, Susan Lowenstein. While trying to …show more content…

Lowenstein should not have shared that kind of information to her husband. This kind of behavior violates the Code of Ethics and can result in a loss of her license.
Another strong ethical issue was the huge confidentiality issues that involves Susan and Savannah’s family. Susan reveals information about Savannah’s sessions while she was still in a medically induced coma, so clearly there was not permission to do so from Savannah or from a legal stance. The Code of Ethics prohibits this kind of behavior and as a social worker is not acceptable.
Fourth ethical issue I spotted was the relationship was deepened when Dr. Lowenstein asked Tom to coach her son in football. This is an indicator of a dual relationship that should be prohibited. Football is a contact sport and this created a relationship between Tom and Susan’s son. The relationship escalated as Tom and the son we rolling around in the grass and became close as summer went on. This is an unreasonable distance between client and Susan’s personal life. If this was a social work colleague, my ethical responsibility would to be consider both parties and approach the colleague to gather information and get a better understanding of the situation. Also, it would be a good idea to check the agencies work policies just to make sure this is a violation. If it is it might be a good idea to let the supervisor of the agency know what has been happening so the supervisor is not completely

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