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The section of the National Association of Social Work Ethics that will be discussed will be number four which includes Social Workers’ ethical responsibilities as professionals. This ethics code concentrates on a several different factors which include: 4.01 Competence, 4.02 discrimination, 4.03 private conduct, 4.04 dishonesty, 4.05 personal impairment, 4.06 misinterpretations, 4.07 solicitations, and 4.08 acknowledging credit.

Ethical responsibilities as a professional are extremely important to be a successful social worker. A social worker should be competent in their line for. They should know past and previous knowledge about their line of work. They should also be familiar with any related knowledge to their field. Many …show more content…

As a social work professional a social worker should own up or acknowledge any work they are responsible for.

Section four advocates for clients to receive accurate help from social workers. This section prevents social workers from showing transparency of their personal problems that might be suffering with. This section permits social workers to treat every client with respect and dignity. If the work place is professional and follow these code of ethics, it will allow for the relationship between the social worker and client to be successful.

If I happen to see a colleague violating this code, I would gently approach them and remind them of the code of ethics. Perhaps, I would give them some advice on how I would handle the current situation. If I continue to see this colleague violating the code of ethics, I would raise awareness to a supervisor.

In my current job there is a male that has shown discrimination both against customers and co-workers. One time a non english speaker wanted assistance on finding a product in our store. My co-worker responded to the customer with saying that he did not understand him and that this is America so he should needs to learn English. He also told him he could not help him because of this reason. I happen to pass by and he asked me for help, I do speak Spanish so I was able to help him. The customer then told me

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